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Application for Workshop or Performance Grant

  • Guidelines for Applicants

Amuri Community Arts Council (ACAC) welcomes your applications. The ACAC meets on the second Monday of each month to consider these applications.

Please study these guidelines carefully:

Only under exceptional circumstances will the full cost of a project be provided, with the group applying for the grant being expected to meet at least half of the costs through fees, alternative sponsorship, etc.

A few DO s and DON’T s to guide you through


  • Apply for help to get new tutors or training.
  • Make sure your group or students have contributed to materials as well as the project.


  • Do not apply for catering costs but encourage students or the group to bring lunch plus providing something for the tutor.
  • Do not start your project before applying for funding.
  • Do not apply for more than the $500 (maximum grant available).
  • Grants are not available forĀ  facility development; the purchase of art works for galleries; arts activities in educational institutions which would normally be funded through the ongoing curriculum budget; ongoing administration costs that are not related to a specific project; fundraising costs; prize money.

Contact Person :-
Toby Brown, ACAC Grants Co-ordinator.

E-mail Toby

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