Information for Exhibitors



Amuri Art Gallery

The ACAC reserve the right to accept or decline exhibits.
Exhibitors are advised to arrange their own insurance cover.  ACAC will take all care but no responsibility for exhibits.
Exhibitions are for a period of approximately 4 (four) weeks.
An inventory of the exhibits on display must be provided, in duplicate, with one copy handed to ACAC when setting up the exhibition.

The gallery dimensions are (for hanging paintings):

1 wall x 6 metres, 1 wall x 3.5 metres, 1 wall x 3.5 metres (this wall has cupboards but is suitable to hang exhibits above), 1 wall x 1.5 metres and 1 wall x 1 metre.
ACAC will assist in setting up and dismantling the exhibition.

The Gallery is open during library hours:

Amuri Art Gallery

Monday to Friday 12 noon to 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am to 2.00pm

If the exhibitor wishes to have an opening (at their expense), ACAC must be informed.

The Gallery is not staffed but it is in full view of the library complex. When the library is closed, the Gallery is also locked independently.

Please note the following:

No enquiries are to be made to library staff regarding the exhibition. Please contact ACAC instead.
There is to be no defacing of the Gallery. The exhibitor is liable for any damages incurred.
Exhibitors are responsible for all sales and enquiries regarding the exhibition. Your name, contact phone number and item prices must be prominently displayed.
Publicity – the ACAC will advertise the exhibition once for no charge (in three small local papers). If you require more advertising it will be at your own expense. Please advise us.
Amuri Community Arts Council Contact Person:

The Hanmer Springs Library Complex

Charlotte Baldwin

Phone (03) 315 7093

We can also advertise your exhibition on our website if you provide us with some information about you and your work. Please send this as a WORD document ready to upload .  We will also try to display photos of your work and provide a link to your website, if you request this. Please send this information to Charlotte Baldwin at

Thank you.