Past Themes

ages 5 to 7 yrs Group entry

ages 5 to 7 yrs Group entry

Jake collins’ ‘Going for a walk’ aged 15-18 yrs

Briarly Brown’s ‘Firewood Time’ age 12-14 yrs

IMG_1504Past themes and winners have included the following:

  • 2015 ‘Anzac is 100 years on … and I will still remember’
  • 2014 ‘What’s Your Perspective?’ This year was all about scale, depth, distance and size.
  • 2013 ‘Keeping Warm in Winter’
  • 2012 ‘My Favourite North Canterbury 

Mayor Dalley with some of the winners of the 2012 Art Competition. Left to right: Winton Dalley, Jane McIntosh, Elbert Alcantara, Jake
Collins, Bryn Taylor, Ella Scarlet, Masha Pospolitak.



  •  2011 ‘Is that Surreally the Amuri?’
    Age 19 + yrs: 1st place ‘Strange things happen in a Nor ‘wester’ by  Martin Zeinert