About Us


The Amuri Community Arts Council mission statement is:

‘To promote, encourage and enhance artistic and cultural participation and awareness in the Amuri area’.

We are a small but dedicated group of people who strive to bring a range of artistic and cultural events to people young and old who live in the Amuri area.  Activities and exhibitions occur throughout the year as we host the work and talents of artists, performers and craftspeople from all over the South Island, as well as some national names from time to time.

We have our own art gallery which is situated within the Hanmer Springs library complex, where different exhibitions are displayed each month.  We also run an outdoor New Zealand craft market between October and April, in the grounds of the Heritage Hotel Reserve, Hanmer Springs.  The annual Autumn School provides people with expert tuition and a choice of classes. This is a popular event held in Hanmer Springs over a week-end in either April or May.

We also promote artists, touring events and musical performances.  There are small grants which can be applied for to assist with the running of workshops and similar artistic projects.  Each year, we host an Arts on Tour New Zealand event which showcases some of New Zealand’s best talents.

If anyone would like to join our committee, please make contact as we would love to hear from you.